Types Of Air Conditioning Units & Systems: Which Is Best For You?

Bundy is great in winter as you are probably aware. Cool pleasant days and sometimes cooler nights, getting out to enjoy the winter sun, jog, walk the beaches, have a barbeque, swim if you’re from Tassie, do some fishing or just enjoy our wonderful winter climate.
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No wonder the southerners come up here for winter BUT come the summer we can experience some quite hot and sticky weather. Now is a great time to consider installing that aircon that you’ve been thinking about for a while. In this article we will discuss the types of air conditioning units and systems, to help you make an informed decision.

What Air-Con Unit is Best for Your Home

Something to make inside living much more comfortable and especially at night when you’re usually tossing and turning because of the heat. So what types of air-con most suit your living spaces and family lifestyle. We are going to have a look at the various types of units so that you can make a well-informed decision about the unit that is most suitable for you.

Factors to take into account before choosing your unit

  • Size of the space you are trying to cool - Ideally, you will need between 1-1.5 Kw per 10 sq. Mts of area you want to cool This means measuring the size of the room you want to cool in metres (Length x width) /10 x 1 or 1.5 giving you the Kws need for the job
  • Size of your roof space. This is important for ducted air-con as the unit sits in your roof cavity and so needs a large area in which to be installed
  • Your Budget for installation and running costs. It is important to consider not just the unit cost and installation but also what you are able to pay for ongoing running costs and servicing when required for air conditioning installation Bundaberg
  • Energy efficiency. This has a direct effect on running costs as a more efficient unit suited to your particular living space will translate into cheaper ongoing running costs for you
  • Aesthetics and personal preferences. Personal taste as in what the unit looks like in your living space is an important factor that should not be overlooked
  • Your needs regarding air quality. This can be important if you have respiratory issues or you just prefer a better quality of air coming into your living space for your family
  • Weather factors regarding cooling and heating. Though Bundy seldom has really cold weather it may be important for you to have the option of heating so that on those rare cold nights or mornings you can have the luxury of being warm and cosy in your home
Different types of air conditioners

So what types of air conditioning units / system best suits you

Let's have a look now at the various types of units available

  • Ducted air conditioning systems
  • Split system air conditioning
  • Multi-split system
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Zone controlling air conditioning
  • Smart Air Conditioning
  • Floor mounted air conditioning
  • Window mounted air conditioners

Ducted Air Conditioning or central systems

A ducted system has a central fan coil mounted in your roof space with ducts leading from it to your various rooms.

The advantage of this is that the system is therefore concealed from view other than a vent in each room usually in the ceiling. The result being the system is almost hidden and so is much more aesthetically appealing and far less invasive from that viewpoint.


  • the unit allows for zone control in each individual room allowing each room's occupant to adjust the cooling to their liking
  • As there is only one unit efficiency is improved rather than having multiple units, one for each room.
  • Noise is also cut down significantly as the central unit is usually out of hearing.
  • Can be fitted with SMART technology allowing you to remotely access controls via your mobile phone using WiFi technology

Disadvantages to the system are

  • The initial cost of setup can be quite high
  • A large space is needed for the central fan coil unit to fit in the roof cavity
  • The unit is not energy efficient if only used for an individual room
  • The unit is definitely not a DIY due to the complexity of the installation
  • The system suits larger houses with numerous rooms or multiple units
  • There is a small amount of loss of cooling through the ducting material
  • Usually very difficult to fit to existing and older buildings or houses

Split Systems

A split system as the name implies has an indoor fan coil unit usually mounted on the wall of the room to be cooled or heated and an outside condenser unit with the two linked by pipes and wiring conduits. Some internal fan coil units can be floor mounted if desired which makes cleaning the filters more easily accessible

Rhys a Bundaberg electrician working on split system Air-conditioning unit

Advantages to the system are

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Much more affordable for initial setup costs
  • Lower costs of running
  • Suits most residential and smaller commercial applications
  • Usually, only a small space is needed for the units
  • The units are aesthetically appealing and generally inobtrusive
  • Can be fitted with SMART technology allowing you to remotely access controls via your mobile phone using WiFi technology

Disadvantages are

  • The cooling or heating is only effective in the room in which the internal fan coil unit is installed
  • There is a visible unit in each room of the installation
  • Some find the internal unit unappealing
  • The external compressor unit can be a little noisy and in some cases noisy for your neighbours

Multi-Split Systems

As the name implies multiple internal fan coil units operate with usually one large external compressor unit thus cutting down on the need for numerous external units around the building.

Advantages are

  • High energy efficiency and in fact the most efficient system available to date
  • Multi-room availability from the one external unit
  • The flexibility of having additional units installed if needed, as long as the external unit has the capacity to handle the increased load
  • The external unit can be up to 15 metres away from an internal fan coil unit without loss of cooling efficiency
  • There are cost efficiencies at installation due to only one large external unit being fitted
  • Cost efficiencies for repair, maintenance, servicing and replacement
  • Can be fitted with SMART technology allowing you to remotely access controls via your mobile phone via WiFi technology

Disadvantages are

  • If there are problems with the external compressor unit it will affect all internal units
  • The external unit can only cool or heat so its mode dictates the mode of all internal units
Woman sitting near a portable air-con

Portable Air Conditioning

A portable system is a small mobile all-in-one unit that needs a window nearby to function.

Advantages are

  • Mobility can be moved from room to room
  • The unit is very affordable initially and is a DIY job usually
  • The applications suit rentals particularly as they can be removed easily and don’t breach rental agreements

Disadvantages are

  • The units are inefficient and costly to run
  • The units are usually quite noisy

Window mounted air conditioning units

These units are a complete unit fitted to a window cavity. They are limited in their efficiency and application and can be quite noisy and costly to operate.

Which brands of air conditioning fit your needs

There are a number of good, highly efficient and affordable brands of air conditioning units available like

  • Fujitsu
  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic

In Summary

We live in a unique and beautiful part of Australia where we enjoy a very comfortable subtropical climate. There are, however, times in summer when we all feel the humidity and closeness of the air and our comfort levels are severely challenged. These are the times when considering the cooling or heating options of making our homes or workplaces more comfy are worthwhile to take into account. We have covered the factors you need to be aware of and the various types of air conditioning available along with their advantages and disadvantages, with a view to helping you become more informed before making that decision about your homes or workplaces air quality. Carve’s Air conditioning Installation Bundaberg service has a track record for providing our clients with the best available service for both installation and servicing of your air conditioning.