Top Tips To Prepare Your Space For The New Year

Top Tips To Prepare Your Space For The New Year feature image

The great Australian summer is here and the joyful season of Christmas is upon us. Throughout the Christmas break, many of us take the time to plan and create goals. So here are our top tips for getting started on your home and business improvement goals for 2021.

Safety is always a priority

When it comes to your home, ensuring it is a safe haven for you and your family takes priority. Our electricians and air conditioning mechanics work with you to ensure that your home is electrically sound. Fire alarms are required to be a photoelectric type, less than 10 years old, hardwired or powered by a non-removable 10-year battery. Ensuring that your switchboard is safe and if it needs to be upgraded, we are able to explain what is involved and have the upgrade completed promptly. Air Conditioning services are recommended regularly. Our fully qualified tradesman will be able to discuss how often, determined on the usage of your system. These services are chemically cleaned and aim to eliminate bacteria build-up. We also tag and test electrical items for offices and businesses of all kinds. Ensuring these things are covered will help to eliminate anything going wrong in your home or business.

Carve always provide a quality service in a timely manner. We have been happy with them since starting dealing with them. Recommend! - Matt Grills ‘The Journey, Bargara’

Improvements with a lighting plan

At Carve Industries we love lighting and love working with our clients to ensure lighting is used in the best way possible. Our electricians can work with you to choose switches and lighting options that will suit your space. Ensuring the areas such as over sinks and vanities are light and bright or working with mood lighting with a softer output over bedside tables or relaxing spaces. We are here to work with you to create your sanctuary.

Keeping cool all year round

We work with Fujitsu because they are a brand you can trust. Reliable and great warranties. Being an authorized dealer and service agent means that we can install your systems, service them and deal with any warranty issues that may arise. Having clean air cooling or heating your home is an amazing comfort.

To sum up

If you are ready to prep your home or business space for an amazing 2021

  • Ensure your fire alarms are up to code and working perfectly
  • Ensuring your switchboard is safe and upgrade if necessary
  • Have your air conditioning system serviced and cleaned with antibacterial agents
  • Have your businesses electrical items tagged and tested
  • Update your switches and lighting throughout your space to create a new feel
  • Talk to our team about your air conditioning options

Ready to get your lighting, aircon or electrical work ready for the Christmas & New Year period? Contact us to get a quote

We are here for you and we are excited to work with you in 2021. We wish you the happiest new year!