Reasons to hire a licensed electrician & how to check

Electricity is inherently dangerous primarily because of the risk to your safety from faulty wiring or componentry. A qualified electrician has been through a thorough apprenticeship training programme which equips them to be able to efficiently and competently carry out the work you need to be completed.
Reasons to hire a licensed electrician & how to check feature image
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When you hire a qualified electrician you can then be assured of your own, your family’s and your visitor’s safety in using your electrical equipment.

Why it’s important to use a licensed Bundaberg electrician

Below there are a number of very relevant points as to why it is important for you to use a licensed qualified residential electrician or commercial electrician.

  • Assurance of the quality of the work carried out. When it comes to the safety of your loved ones or your workforce, a do-it-yourself job or one done by an unqualified or unlicensed person just doesn’t measure up apart from being illegal
  • Use of quality components and materials. Qualified electricians use reputable suppliers who provide high-quality componentry that measures up to the Australian standards.
  • Having confidence in knowing that your electrician is licensed by the Queensland Government Office of Industrial Relations, Electrical Safety Office and additionally is insured for all work carried out. You can view Carve Industries license here>>
  • Your house or business insurance policies require electrical work to be carried out by a qualified licensed electrician and work done by anyone else voids the insurance leaving you out of pocket big time or more importantly in a risky and unsafe position.
  • Knowing that your qualified electrician is able to detect hazardous wiring or components and to fix them, so preventing a dangerous situation for all. Also that your electrician has a detailed understanding of circuit loading and other specialised knowledge
  • All of the above amounts to protection and peace of mind for you through the quality of work, quality components, insurance and invaluable experience
  • You can check on all licensed qualified electricians through the Electrical License Holders Search here>>

The different types of electrical licences are:

  • electrical mechanic licence (authorises all electrical work)
  • electrical linesperson licence.
  • electrical fitter licence.
  • electrical jointer licence.
  • restricted electrical work licence.
  • an electrical work training permit.

DIY will cost you more

  • The cost of using an unqualified electrician or doing a DIY will far outweigh the cost of using a qualified and licensed electrician. It comes down to knowing that the job has been done by a professional using the best materials and so this knowledge brings peace of mind. You know that you, your family or the workforce are in safe hands when using that electrical equipment or even just simply turning on a light switch.
  • Electrocution caused by faulty wiring, defective equipment, fire safety risks or hazards, damage to valuable electrical components, all concerns that can all be allayed by using a qualified electrician
  • A professional qualified and licensed electrician provides a guarantee of workmanship and competence that surpasses any satisfaction that comes from saving money by a DIY.
Electrician working on a GPO for a house.

Benefits of hiring a dual trade company

  • In some cases, the electrical work you want to be done may cross over from residential to commercial or even agricultural/industrial. This might otherwise mean hiring one electrician for a residential job and another for commercial/agricultural. There is therefore great benefit and cost-saving for you, the customer if you engage a dual trade electrician.

Is a residential electrical license the same as a commercial?

  • There certainly are some similarities between residential and commercial electrical work but it is the exception, not the rule, particularly when for instance 3 phase or test and tag applications are needed for a residential application. In addition commercial electrical or agricultural work often requires refrigeration, instrumentation or high-risk EWP experience along with electrotechnology and engineering applications.
  • As a result, there is a difference between commercial and residential electrical licensing inasmuch as the type of work that needs to be carried out.

Getting multiple quotes from licensed electricians is simple

If you are wanting to compare licensed electricians for a Bundaberg electrician have a look at:

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