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There is nothing quite like taking a dated home or space and turning it into a functional, memorable and inviting environment that adds value to your lifestyle and house.
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We have been involved in many renovation projects over the year and we love seeing homes evolve and turn into a thing of beauty.

There are some common electrical tips that we recommend from a safety and planning perspective but as mentioned, seeing these spaces come alive, is very exciting and definitely motivates you to take on your own project. With this in mind, we will also feature a renovation company that is killing it, which should inspire your current or next renovation project.

The Boring but Important Stuff for Your Renovation:

First thing first, is safety with your electricity as you renovate and begin construction or should we say dismantling first. The key to success on any renovation project is planning, so we recommend getting your local sparkie to come on-site, once you have a plan in place. Get them to do a site inspection, as some houses can have some strange wiring and then you might need to upgrade your entire set-up if you're going to install power-hungry devices or appliances.

Lots of household appliances that are needed when doing a house renovation

Consider the technology and appliances needed

The age of the home is going to dictate how much new electrical work is needed, as the technology and needs of the family of an older home has likely changed since it was built, so before you rip down too many walls, make a plan of what you ideally want or need in the area of electrical technology. And, don’t forget when you do start to knock down walls, turn off the power at the board first.

Some tech / appliance needs to consider and plan for

  • Home Automation needs
  • TV’s - How many?
  • Stoves - especially larger ones
  • Ovens - more than one is common these days.
  • Air-conditioning needs
  • Internet needs & cabling or wireless.
  • Lighting
  • Fans

Once you have established your technology and appliance needs, you will often find you will need to upgrade the power of the house. This is not always the case, but once you have thought about this get your Bundaberg electrician to come onsite and walk them through your plan. You will need to know some of the key appliances you plan to upgrade, as some ovens for example may mean you might need to upgrade your single-phase power.

Hire the correct electrician.

Finally, let’s talk about hiring the correct electrician and then it’s onto an inspiring renovation project to get your renovation bug started or motivated.

Shane Working on a house renovation

Overall, the most important thing is you need to hire a licensed electrician that you feel comfortable with. After all, you're trusting the safety of all your family in the hands of the person who sorts out your electrical needs. Our biggest advice on how to ensure you are comfortable with your electrician is to seek their advice and have them review your electrical works before you begin your renovation project. This will allow you to meet them and also help you see how thorough and suitable they are for your project. For more tips on reasons to hire a licensed electrician & how to check, check out our blog that goes into depth on this.

Some project inspiration from Three Birds Renovations.

The Contemporary Cottage Three Birds Renovations completed shows you that with a bit of vision, creativity and design skills you can transform a tired place into a contemporary, modern space that still respects the character and warmth of what was once there.

You can see that Bonnie, Lana and Erin have passion for what they do, which is essential on any renovation project, as it’s hard work but wow it sure does pay off when you apply yourself as these inspiring women do.

For more inspiration for your renovations project visit Three Birds Renovations project page>>

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So no matter how big or small your renovation project is, we hope this short post has inspired you. If you have any questions or need one of our team to come onsite to review your electrical needs, please get in touch>>